Peter Nabokov ~ Book Talk

Based on two decades of research, anthropologist-writer Peter Nabokov chronicles the adventures of Edward Hunt, a child born into poverty in Acoma Pueblo in 1861, as he became a hunter, farmer and initiate in Katsina, shamans, and sacred clown secret societies. Through two world wars, economic upheavals, dramatic reversals in federal Indian policy, and painful estrangement from their home community, Hunt and his family epitomized what scholar Phillip Deloria has termed the remarkable lives of “Indians in Unexpected Places.” As Nabokov narrates their journey, stereotypes and preconceptions fall away so we can learn the personal consequences as one conservative, pre-modern village produced this progressive post-modern family. Following the lecture, Nabokov signs his new book How the World Moves: The Odyssey of an American Indian Family which will be available for purchase.

Fowler OutSpoken Talk
Peter Nabokov
The Hunts of Acoma: Tracking a Pueblo Indian Family across the Centuries
Wednesday, November 18, 6 pm

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