Aparna Sharma


Aparna Sharma, Ph.D.
Documentary Film, Film Theory, Postcolonialism
World Arts and Cultures
Joined WAC in 2009

Tel: 310-825-3602
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I am a documentary filmmaker and film theorist. My research is practice-based and I am interested in exploring modes and vocabularies of documentary film that address issues of cultural representation. My documentary films focus on communities that are displaced from the national imagination of India. Since 2009, I have been working in India's north-eastern region where I have recently completed a documentary on the Kamakhya Temple.


My previous works have focussed on the Indian diaspora and the widows of Vrindavan.

In my films I explore alternate vocabularies for evoking the communities with who I collaborate. Through research and filmmaking I have posited that montage editing provides a critical discourse for documenting non-mainstream and subaltern subjects. Besides documentary, I am interested in experimental film and the integration of video in live performance.

My theoretical concentrations span film and documentary theory, postcolonialism, modernism and ethnography. I have previously taught practical and theoretical courses related to film, globalisation and ethnography. I am interested in devising a pedagogical approach for teaching critical and self-reflexive video practice. At WAC, I will teach video production combining practical training with specific theoretical inputs. My courses will be theme-based and students will be encouraged to experiment and contextualise their video work historically. I will also develop opportunities for students to undertake training in ethnographic and collaborative methods through taught and field-based courses.


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Yes to Bodies - Danyel Moulton
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Yes to Bodies - Natalie Klinge - Tess Goodrich
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