Arts Counter/Act

Speaker Series featuring MFA and PhD alumni

Arts Counter/Act

Arts Counter/Act is an ongoing speaker series devoted to creative and critical examinations of relationships between the arts, institutional racism, and global white supremacy. The webcast forum features recent MFA and PhD alumni from the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, which is made up of four departments: Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Design | Media Arts, and World Arts and Cultures/Dance.

Contributors to this series will discuss how original research and artistic production can unsettle racist practices and structures, collectively considering myriad issues. One guiding query, however, asks whether performance, scholarship, and arts education can truly foster anti-racist and decolonial approaches without first explicitly countering institutional racism and the colonial structures which persist in academia and the university system.

Join us on December 1st at 3p.m. PST for the second session featuring WACD alumni Bernard Brown MFA, Jade Charon MFA, Dr. Jenna Delgado and Dr. Carl Schottmiller.

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