Brendan Drake 211B

Title of Work: The Sublime Grandeur of Inconsequential Death Choreography, Direction and Editing: Brendan Drake Music: Adolphe Adam Set Design: Brendan Drake Adapted from the movement score "Animating Death" by Kate Ladenheim

*This study is part of my ongoing choreographic research analyzing grief, erotics and spectral imagery within queer performance. THE SCORE Select a specific part of your body, and imagine that part of your body experiences an impact. Become aware that there is no saving this part of your body, or, indeed, the rest of your body. This is a glitch, starting from the part of your body that was impacted, and spreads. Let your glitch give way to a fall. Slowly descend as you yearn upwards. Let your fall settle. This is The End. Experience several seconds of full stillness on the ground. There are no actions to consider — really, don’t move. With a sense of ease and inevitability, bring yourself off the floor and back to life, returning to your starting position. Remember the pathway of your resurrection so that you can repeat it again. And again. And again.

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