Kristina Wong WAC BA '00

Auntie Sewing Squad makes masks for at-risk and underserved communities

Kristina Wong WAC BA '00

Kristina Wong, WAC BA '00 is making masks with the "Auntie Sewing Squad" for underserved and at-risk communities. Kristina was recently on KCRW talking about the group's mission and was also featured on NBC Asian America.

From her interview on KCRW:

“Then we began to hear about other communities, which were a lot more under the radar, who didn't have the bandwidth to project out to the whole world, ‘Hey, we need masks.’ And that was farmworkers, First Nations, and folks who are stuck at the border or migrants who are seeking asylum.” She describes [these communities] as living in extreme poverty, with no running water, based some hours away from a Walmart.
By helping all these communities, Wong says it feels like her group is doing the government’s job. “So many people are like, ‘You're doing God's work.’ I'm like, ‘No, we're doing the government's work.’"

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